Roman mitre with IHS Motif

Roman mitre with IHS Motif

Roman mitre with IHS Motif


  • Mitre is the headdress of the high Priest.
  • It is made of fine Taffeta fabric.
  • On the Front it was Embroidered with Metallic Golden Thread embossed with Spiritual Motif.
  • It has two shielded stiffened halves that face front and back and has two fringed steamers, Known as Lappets, hang from the back.
  • Mitre is available with standard size.
  •  It can also be customized.

                       Specify the circumference of the head in Inches.

Shipping & Delivery Information:

  • If your order is required for a special occasion, please let us know through email or phone call before placing your order. So that we will be able to take utmost effort to have it delivered before the specified date.

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