Passionate Roman Cope Vestments with IHS Motif

Passionate Roman Cope Vestments with IHS Motif

Passionate Roman Cope Vestments with IHS Motif


  • Exquisite worship garment with beautiful pattern of golden thread embroidery with IHS motif.
  • The whole set holds ancestral Roman cope, with crafted matching stole.
  • The cope is fabricated with metallic church brocade fabric.
  • The open cope is fastened with brass clasp.
  • The vestment looks gorgeous with rich golden thread embroidery.
  • The orphrey is specially made with rich lightweight silk blend fabric.
  • The IHS motif is embossed at the back of the cope.
  • The Christogram IHS motif is abbreviated from the name of Jesus Christ.
  • The lower end of the hood is accomplished with golden fringes.


  • Cope                                        : 58 inches of height
  • Orphrey                                   : 123 inches from end to end
  • Clasp (brass metal)                  : 1.6 inches in diameter
  • Clasp chain                              : 3 inches long
  • Orphrey                                    : 4 inches of width
  • Motif                                        : 21 inches of height and 19 inches of width


  • Satin lining ($15)
  • Humeral Veil ; 96" from end to end ($20)
  • Mass set ($40)

  Mass Set Optional: (Extra $40 only)

  • Chalice Veil (20'' X 20")
  • Maniple (19'')
  • Burse (10'' X 9'')
  • Chalice Pal (8" X 8")

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  • If your order is required for a special occasion, please let us know through email or phone call before placing your order. So that we will be able to take utmost effort to have it delivered before the specified date.

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