Eucharistic Deacon stoles

Eucharistic Deacon stoles

Eucharistic Deacon stoles

 A Deacon can also wear a stole, but it is customary for a deacon to wear it over the left shoulder, tied at the waist on the right side so that the stole hangs diagonally across the chest. A stole can be worn over a robe, an Alb or a Cassock.

  • The Deacon stole is made of fine silk fabric.
  • It is  lined with cotton fabric for stiffness and comfort.
  • It is fastened by using a rope at the waist.
  • The stole is 26 inches up to the waist. 
  • The hanging of the stole from the waist is 26 inches.
  • The option also contains set of four Deacon stoles
  • Set of four stoles- contains liturgical colors of White, Purple, Red and Green.
  • You can save $37 by getting set of four Deacon stoles.

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  • If your order is required for a special occasion, please let us know through email or phone call before placing your order. So that we will be able to take utmost effort to have it delivered before the specified date.

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