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25/08/2016 6 Comment(s) New Arrivals,


A rochet is a white vestment by and large worn by a Roman Catholic or Anglican cleric in choir dress. It is obscure in the Eastern houses of worship. The rochet is like a surplice, with the exception of that the sleeves are smaller. In the Roman Catholic custom, the rochet comes underneath the knee and its sleeves and sew are now and again made of trim; in the Anglican convention, the rochet descends practically to the stitch of the cassock and its sleeves are accumulated at the wrist.


A chimere is a piece of clothing worn by Anglican diocesans in choir dress, and, formally as a component of scholarly dress. A relative of a riding shroud, the chimere takes after a scholarly outfit yet without sleeves, and is normally made of red or dark material. In present day English utilize the article of clothing is worn as a major aspect of the stately dress of Anglican religious administrators. It is a long sleeveless outfit of silk or glossy silk, open down the front, accumulated in at the back between the shoulders, and with openings for the arms. It is worn over the rochet, shaded either dark or red (a blend alluded to as "assembly robes").

PSG Vestments New Arrivals

  • chimere and rochette set with coordinating wrist sleeves
  • The Rochette is made of polyester-cotton fabric.
  • The neck is round neck with little creases.
  • The sleeves of the rochette are bound with little creases.
  • The chimere is custom fitted with polyester-gooey fabric
  • The rope at the focal point of the mid-section is removable one side which makes it agreeable for wearing.
  • The chimere is totally lined with skin neighborly glossy silk fabic.
  • Matching band sleeves are given along the set.
  • The arrangement of rochette and chimere can be tweaked to any size.

6 Comment(s)

Bishop Eddie Goff:
20/01/2017, 05:23:11 PM

do you have a purple chimere and 33 button purple cassock set with the rochette?

Eddie Goff:
08/04/2017, 09:28:36 PM

I need a fuschia rochet cassock and rochet for our convocation in August

Bp. George Parrish:
01/07/2017, 11:41:00 PM

I am in need of a Red and Black Rochette and White Chimere with Black Wrist Bands. Please advise. A Servant to the Servants of Christ, +George Parrish 520-495-8791

Jonathan Smith:
22/09/2017, 07:25:55 AM

1. Do you have the Roman Purple Chimere with wrist bands? 2. Do you have Roman Purple zuchetta (small)? 3. Do you have Roman Purple Cassock with Cinture? 4. How much would all items cost? 5. If ordered today could I have garments in 3 weeks (by October 13, 2017 which is 5 days before my Consecration)?

Bishop Curtis Bernard Sexton Sr.:
11/10/2017, 04:07:41 PM

Are you still in business? I’ve been trying to contact you for weeks... I am looking to purchase the entire vestment in purple (blue purple not fuschia). I was looking for a price before I place an order.

RtRev leroy Lloyd:
05/12/2017, 10:12:54 PM

I am waiting for an invoice of $100.for the rochet and Roman purple wrist cuffs as previously quoted. The email address as indicated earlier provided is [email protected]

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