About Us

                                              PSG VESTMENTS was founded in 1976 in India. Having more than 35 years of experience in this industry we have catered to the needs of the clergy. PSG VESTMENTS is the manufacturer and the wholesale supplier to the religious shops and churches from the genesis. We are the forerunner in offering OEM and ODC services to religious shops and companies.

                                               PSG VESTMENTS is registered under the firm of proprietorship as SSI (small scale industries) in India. As per international labor guideline, all our employees are paid with enhanced pay and perks. One of the best things about PSG VESTMENTS is that we have our own production facility with the best tailors and excellent management team. Above all, we have an experienced customer service to assist you with your questions at any time. In 2013, through our own e-commerce website www.psgvestments.com we started selling our products to global customers directly, where we provide premium quality products. We also provide standard quality products to satisfy the needs of the economically backward priests to make the costs economical through our eBay store. In this competitive world, we use Japanese machines to raise our bar of quality performance. Apart from our desire to innovate, succeed and grow, it’s the immense support of our customers and workers that have been helping PSG Vestments to fly higher and higher in this divine ministry. Our mission (PSG Vestments) is not just about our products; it’s also about the total satisfaction and customer relationships. Superlative quality is the characteristic of our products.

                                                 During the production, every item such Albs, Cassock, Chasuble (Gothic or Fiddle-back), Cincture, Cope and Mitre, Mozzetta, Rochet, Surplice and Stole- passes through stringent quality tests at every level of manufacturing. PSG Vestments is committed to providing their customers with quality patronage at reasonable prices to enhance dignity and status in the community. We also undertake custom-made orders to the buyer's specifications of size, color, and other requirements. Further, we commit to helping our customers searching for products which might not fall into our portfolio but connected with liturgical such as Chalice and pattern etc. We, the PSG VESTMENTS, express our gratitude to the associates, especially the Clergy, revered Bishops and Cardinals of western and Eastern tradition who have given us their unwavering support over the years in India and other parts of the world. Let’s, by Divine calling, strive and achieve the best in the days ahead with our committed, innovative, qualified and untiring workforce of PSG Vestments!!!